Friday, December 26, 2008

Projects 2008

This year being my most productive year regarding knitting and crochet projects,I thought a recap was in order.
Total number of Finished Projects: 40
Sweaters/Cardigans (adult): 5
Sweaters for my kids: 7

Other projects for my kids (accessories/toys): 5

Baby knits (all gifts): 5

Bags: 4

Other accessories(socks/gloves/scarves): 9

Miscellaneous: 5

Total gift items: 11
My original design: 14
My original patterns: 7
This year was mostly about knitting, only 11 projects being in crochet.
I also tried my hand at spinning and love the process:

Right now I have two works in progress with probably a couple more in hibernation. However, for me, hibernating projects usually end into frog pond.


  1. Your family is beautiful! Your hands are as well. I think my favorite finished project of yours for 2008 is the fingerless mittens with the spiral applique on them!! I don't even know how my f.O.'s I have for 2008, I will go look now! (LOL)

  2. So productive and so lovely. I know I'm nowhere close to many finished items this year. Maybe I'll go back and look and either be inspired or frustrated! I'm so delighted by your spinning.

  3. I love all of your creative works! I wish I can have one! Only one!!

  4. I just found you in a group I belong on ravelry and had to visit your blog so now must comment! What beautiful work you did last year. Very inspirational to me. I love the lacy gloves especially.
    Take care
    Linda (tribal on ravelry)