Saturday, April 26, 2008

A simple bread cloth

I was out of town on a trip for last one week and now I am back and free. So I thought a small quick project would help me unwind. Well, I had made a bread cloth about two years back in filet crochet with a shell trim. The Filet pattern was from some free online site though I do not remember the name. I trimmed it with a shell egding. All worked in size 8 crochet. It was quite a handy piece of crochet and was used extensively with the result that it has discolored into this:

I was thinking of replacing it for some time. I had one ball of 4-ply cotton (received in the RAOK), but as I have never used crocheted dishcloths, I thought it would make a nice replacement. so, a quick granny square later, here is the result.

I know, I know, it's too simple and bland, but I am just warming up after a few weeks of no knitting and crochet. Hopefully, I will be making some more interesting pieces in the near future. But for now, simple functionality is my theme.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ravelry's RAK (Random acts of kindness) group

The RAK group at Ravelry is so great. As with RAKs, everyone posts their wishlists and then tries to fulfill others' those wishes that they can. So you send out stuff randomly and receive things randomly as well.
Things I have received: Over the past two months, I have received many things that I had wished for. First, Serife from UK sent me this lovely skein.

Then I got this yarn winder, some babysoft yarn and great tasting chocolate from zinzia from Belgium.

Then I had some great sock yarn sent by fey from USA.

Then came such a great collection of circular needles and some lovely fancy yarn oddballs from fubsy, UK.

Then only yesterday, I received these lovely beads and buttons from Bloreknitter, India.

Things I have sent:As I have been quite busy these few months, I could not send out as many gifts as I wished. However I did manage a few. Mostly I sent handmade items and postcards. I just sent out a pair of fingerless gloves today. I plan to do a few more RAKs by the end of this month, inshallah.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My new project bag

I sewed myself a bag today. My knitting and crochet WIPs needed it badly. As my little toddler grows, she can reach almost every nook and corner and it is no longer safe, for her as well as my projects to be out in the open. Also these WIPs added to the clutter in our living room and it was difficult to store them away. So inspired by the so called "sock bags" that I have seen and read about around the web, I made myself one. It is large enough for any project that I might be doing at the moment.

The Snowwoman cross-stitch at the front pocket was done by my penpal, Ulla from Sweden. I added some fabric and ribbons and made it into a pocket. The inside has a pocket with snap closure, for the ball of yarn. There are also two long narrow pockets for straight needles, one shorter narrow pocket for DPNs or crochet hook and another wider pocket for other necessary paraphernalia. I am very pleased with the way it has turned out.

Needless to say, it is already occupied and I may just have to make a few more to accomodate my ever-increasing number of projects.