Friday, April 20, 2012

Summer Crochet Bag

Not so long ago, I saw this lovely bag on Pinterest. It looked like a great accessory for the Summer. And I had just the right cotton thread at hand to crochet it. The pattern is in Russian but there are some charts too. So armed with a Google translation and the charts, I set about making one for myself. There were a few ambiguous areas where I had to improvise and try out various options, until I got the right results, but it was totally doable.
 I used white cotton thread size 8, held doubled, on an unknown hook size. Again, our thread balls do not have yardage printed, but I used about 12 balls of local Coats Anchor Cotton Thread balls.
I did not have large enough beads for the handles, so I only dangled some smaller ones at the sides.
The lining is double, solid white cotton, with interfacing with a magnetic closure.
Thus, my quest for the right bag is finally over. I love this bag and can't wait to use it!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's Up

I am done with the crochet part of the second bag in the last one month. I am pleased to report that this bag is turning out much closer to my expectations than the last one. I am working on the lining now and should have photos of the finished bag in a few days. Meanwhile, I am having a mild flare-up of an old eye inflammation. That means headaches if I do a lot of near work, causing me to slow down with my crafting activities. I also have a building pile of books I want to read. And rest of my summer sewing is also on the hold. Hopefully, I will be back in the thick of things in a few days, inshaAllah. For now, I have some free time to plan ahead for my future projects.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Sewing

I have spent the last two weeks sewing a few spring summer dresses for my girls. I also have plans for sewing some shorts/pants for my son, inshaAllah. Coming to the dresses, these first two are for my older one. I did my own drafting for these.
 I got some polka dot fabric to go with a lawn piece leftover from my old dress. I hope the big fat bow will hold up well after machine washes.
 The second one has gingham pockets!!  

 And then there are two for the baby. I did some embroidery at the yoke. It looks very cute up close.
 The second one is a plain floral dress with a ribbon bow at front. These two are drafted from a burda pattern.
 And lastly, some action shots:

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rose Garden Tote

I do not know why I picked out this pattern. Maybe because it was crochet and felted, both techniques that I had not done in a long while. Or maybe it were the roses, which I love. Anyway, I was quite excited when I started and it being crochet, worked fast through the project. But around completion, doubts began to creep in. Nice though it maybe, it was not quite something that would suit me. My husband confirmed these doubts, but it was quite late in the day, so I went ahead and felted it anyway. And hoping to make it grow on me, I took it on my last shopping trip. I can't say it worked though, it has taken me a whole week to get the courage to blog about it. 
before felting
after felting
And in my determination to get a right kind of crochet bag, I have started another one. I am hoping this one will work for me, inshaAllah.