Monday, April 18, 2011

Taking a Break

As the third trimester advances, I find myself slowing down considerably. I can not find much stamina or interest for my craft projects. Just want to put up my hugely edematous feet and rest. Consequently, I probably would not have anything worthwhile to show here on the blog. So, if you find me absent from this blog during the coming few weeks, you can assume that a nap holds more charm than my yarns and needles for the time being. Best wishes to all!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Month Of Sewing: Winding Up

My Month of Sewing ended yesterday. Even though I did not sew up all the stuff on my list, I got most of it. So all in all, it was very productive. For this last post, I just have a few pictures to share of some odd projects I did.
First up is this baby seat cover.
 The second project is a mere prototype. I wanted to try out a fabric covered basket with recycled cardboard walls, that was both collapsible and washable. I used some leftover fabric scraps and it turned out amazingly OK in the first attempt. I am so tempted to make some more, but my husband, probably relieved that the cardboard boxes I was hoarding, had served their purpose, threw out the rest. So, I need to get some more before I can attempt another.
The third one is a simple drawstring bag sewn in a rush, to hold my socks and other small articles of clothing. I have already done a couple of these for the kids and find them a great help in keeping the closets tidy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This was my side knitting during the Month of Sewing. The pattern was simple with just the right amount of colorwork to keep it interesting and being sleeveless, it got done fast. I used some leftover yarn (Robin DK) from my Cece, though I might frog that cardigan and end up with more. I just hated how lace knit up on it but it works well for kids' stockinette st patterns.
Back to the vest, I went up a needle size to make it a bit larger and added several inches to the length. Hopefully it will fit my son for a couple of years. I just wish my stranding did not have to show through, sigh.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Month of Sewing: Kitchen Projects

I have not been feeling so great, lately and consequently have had to slow down on my sewing. However, over the last week or so, I did manage to sew up a few things for the kitchen.
First up is a pair of potholders I made. I was in dire need of some as my older pair was thrown out during a cleaning spree. I used this easy tutorial and love how they turned out. Next to them is a plastic bags holder/dispenser. We also needed one of these, because the plastic bags were beginning to choke up our kitchen drawer. There is a tutorial for one of these at the same site but I improvised and made mine to different size and method and added a top flap with velcro closure. May I mention once again, what a great space saver it is.
 The project after that gave me a hard time. I wanted to make a toaster cover. I initially went for an all-covered, four-walled look. Took the measurements and sew one up, but it was too tight. Further tweaking loosened it up a but but it was still hard to put on and take off. So I decided to take off the sides and put is straps (with velcro-fastening, of course) instead. Works like a charm.
 And the last project, a curtain for our shabby little kitchen window. I am well pleased with this one and it does make a lot of difference to outlook.
I still have plans for coordinating kitchen towels etc, but that will have to wait till my next shopping trip.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Overalls and Sweater

 I interrupt the MOS (Month of Sewing) postings to bring you a couple of knitting projects. I have discovered that my hands grow very restless if idle for long and what better to keep them busy then a couple of baby knits, while watching hours of ICC World Cup Cricket. (An awful waste of time, I know, but it was hard not to be drawn into the craze).
 So, first I knit up this pair of brown overalls. The pattern is simple and nice, though I added some rounds in the Hip and Rise portion to increase its depth. The yarn is the leftover from my Sylvie coat.
  Next, I got a pink yarn to go with the brown and knit up a stripped pullover. I improvised with this one. It is knit bottom up in rounds and is completely seamless, the underarms holes closed with Kitchener st.
I have enough of both yarns left over for a hat. Any suggestions for a cute one??

Friday, April 1, 2011

Month of Sewing: Sari Print Suit

I am slowly working through the MOS, but have not been inspired to blog about it much. For lack of anything cuter, here is the last shalwar(rather trousers)kameez I sewed for myself. The fabric was a cotton indian sari which I made into a flared kameez and dupatta with coordinating plain cotton for the trousers. The sari fabric is a bit too starched for my taste, but will hopefully soften up in a couple of washes.  
  I have some more of knitting and sewing to feature next. Soon, inshaAllah.