Saturday, April 16, 2011

Month Of Sewing: Winding Up

My Month of Sewing ended yesterday. Even though I did not sew up all the stuff on my list, I got most of it. So all in all, it was very productive. For this last post, I just have a few pictures to share of some odd projects I did.
First up is this baby seat cover.
 The second project is a mere prototype. I wanted to try out a fabric covered basket with recycled cardboard walls, that was both collapsible and washable. I used some leftover fabric scraps and it turned out amazingly OK in the first attempt. I am so tempted to make some more, but my husband, probably relieved that the cardboard boxes I was hoarding, had served their purpose, threw out the rest. So, I need to get some more before I can attempt another.
The third one is a simple drawstring bag sewn in a rush, to hold my socks and other small articles of clothing. I have already done a couple of these for the kids and find them a great help in keeping the closets tidy.

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  1. The car seat cover looks so professional! I really like the box too, I bet I could find use for many of those around our house!