Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's A Vest

I had started it with the idea of making a cardigan, but reaching the second sleeve, I realized that I was running short of the brown yarn. Although the Local yarn guy assures me that he can get some next week, I decided that I liked the project without sleeves. So, it has turned out to be a vest.

This is my first attempt at crocheting an adult wearable. I made up the pattern along the way, and it has turned out ok. The yarns are Moda Dea Floral and Bamino ( Pakistani brand). I used size 6.5 mm hook.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Craft Closet

After my makeshift cardboard storage system collapsed two days ago, my husband was sweet enough to promptly put in two proper shelves in my craft closet. So I had a pleasurable morning today, putting all my things in there. So here is my international craft closet premiere:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

For Ammi

The February Lady Sweater that I had been knitting for my mother is finally done. And I gave it to her and she tried it on and it is a perfect fit...Yay. And it looks fabulous! My mom was quite happy with it. She loves the yarn which is LionBrand Wool-Ease in Rose Heather.

Modifications that I did to the original pattern:
1. I did the yoke in st st except for the initial border and 3 rows around the eyelet increase, which I did in garter st.
2. Full-length sleeves and sleeve shaping by decreasing sts at every 9th row.

Now I have to work on my crochet cardigan which is almost half done. Now that I have only two WIPs, I might cast on some more. Ideas are swimming around in my head, but nothing definite.
And another wonderful news, I won some malabrigo and addi circ needles in a contest at a friend's blog. I have never worked with this yarn nor the needles so I am pretty excited!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another First...(hehe)

I took my knitting on a small drive in our car today. This is the first time I knit in a vehicle (moving or otherwise) and amazingly it was a piece of cake and a lot of fun.
This was also the first time I knit publically (We were in our own car but still there were a lot of cars around)...yes first time evvverr!!!!
Sadly it was a short drive so I could knit only one and a half pattern repeats on my February sewater. Also, no repeat public appearance is likely in the near future because I mostly travel with my kids and that makes even the thought of car-knitting hazardous.
Anyway, the body is all done. I will be working on the sleeves tomorrow, inshallah.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More in Progress

I am still working on my mom's sweater and dh's socks but my interest tends to waver after a couple of pattern repeats, that is if I manage to knit so far without being interrupted by a thing or other.
I also tried to crochet a bag/purse, did one side, but now it feels too small. I am giving it rest for the time being, its fate pending for now. Last evening I started my first crochet adult wearable, a cardigan for myself. I am just making up the pattern. The main yarn color is not so attractive but I am liking it so far, firstly because this is my first crochet wearable, and secondly because it works up so fast. I managed this much in one evening:

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Of Stress and WIPs

This past week has been quite stressful and I have not had much time to relax and unwind (which for me means taking up my needles or hook!). Things are looking better now, inshaAllah.
I have been slowly making progress on the sweater for my mom. I have knit nine lace pattern repeats so far and it is almost down to the waist.

I had been thinking of making some socks for my husband for some time. The yarn I planned on using is variegated/selfstriping and I could not decide on the right pattern for it. I searched ravelry, cast on a couple of patterns and then frogged them because those did not look right for the yarn. Finally I have decided on a pattern of my own:

I am also warming up to the idea of knitting(or crochet?) a bag, as it has been a while since I made one, lol.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Baby Gift Done

The knitting for the baby gift was finally done today. I finished the jumpsuit before Eid. It is a Drops design ,which I think is a bit too large for the 6-month size. But still, the babies do grow and it will fit at some point of time.

Then I knit a hat to match the Baby Surprise Jacket. It is also a Drops design, simple in garter st. I finished it today.

So all the gift items put together look thus:

I should be giving this to the new mommy this week.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Afghan Squares Bag

I had made a couple of afghan squares last year with no particular project in mind. I might have considered an afghan but did not have enough yarn or commitment. These were just lying there in my knitting closet until I started thinking of gift ideas for Eid. That is when I thought of making them into a bag. I crocheted in round to make one-piece bottom, gussets and handle. Also added a button closure and lining.

I gave it to my 11-year old niece yesterday and she was very happy with it. This encourages me to work on my other ongoing gift project... yes for cousins' baby. I have finished the jumpsuit and started the hat. I will post them together when the hat is done.

Eid Mubarak!

Here in Pakistan, we celebrated Eid yesterday. Eid came upon us in a sudden, dramatic manner when Pakistan's moon-sighting authority announced the sighting of Eid moon at around 10:45 pm, after intial reports to the contrary. So, we who were mentally prepared for a 30-day Ramadan, were suddenly thurst into Chand Raat (night of the moon). We were up till 2 am with the Eid preparations. I put some henna design on my hand.

Eid was/is great fun. After the Eid prayer, morning was spent doing the Eid cooking etc,while the rest of the day was spent in visiting relatives and wishing friends and family a happy Eid. Kids had a wonderful time. They got a lot of toys and eidee (money) and spent the day playing and having fun. They got two additional sets of Eid clothes from their grandmas, (so my daughter got to wore these, she will wear the ones I made for her today,inshaAllah).