Saturday, October 11, 2008

Of Stress and WIPs

This past week has been quite stressful and I have not had much time to relax and unwind (which for me means taking up my needles or hook!). Things are looking better now, inshaAllah.
I have been slowly making progress on the sweater for my mom. I have knit nine lace pattern repeats so far and it is almost down to the waist.

I had been thinking of making some socks for my husband for some time. The yarn I planned on using is variegated/selfstriping and I could not decide on the right pattern for it. I searched ravelry, cast on a couple of patterns and then frogged them because those did not look right for the yarn. Finally I have decided on a pattern of my own:

I am also warming up to the idea of knitting(or crochet?) a bag, as it has been a while since I made one, lol.


  1. That pink february lady makes me want to make another! It is beautiful!

    I am sorry you've had a rough week. Hopefully next week will be filled with small moments of extra relaxation time.

  2. The sweater is gorgeous!!!

  3. The February laday is very nice and I also think it's a comfortable one to wear.

    I'm also knitting socks just now but only simple patterns as i aslo use self varigated yarn.

    In school we work with Islam today and I found some pages from the Koran in swedish.Very happy for that.

    I wish you a relaxing time.