Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More in Progress

I am still working on my mom's sweater and dh's socks but my interest tends to waver after a couple of pattern repeats, that is if I manage to knit so far without being interrupted by a thing or other.
I also tried to crochet a bag/purse, did one side, but now it feels too small. I am giving it rest for the time being, its fate pending for now. Last evening I started my first crochet adult wearable, a cardigan for myself. I am just making up the pattern. The main yarn color is not so attractive but I am liking it so far, firstly because this is my first crochet wearable, and secondly because it works up so fast. I managed this much in one evening:

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  1. I am so glad you said something about the pattern repeats and finding yourself distracted. I really felt that way with February Lady. After a row or two it was a constant effort to stay on track.

    I think the combination of the two yarns brings out the best in both of them.