Thursday, July 29, 2010

DROPS Baby Dress / Vest

I have been working on a baby vest / dress for my niece.The pattern is a free one from Garnstudios  DROPS design. The yarn I used is Knit Picks Comfy fingering weight (color- jelapeno). It is a lovely yarn, so soft and squishy. The project was great fun once the bottom ruffles were done-I was not exactly thrilled to do 420 sts on 2.5 mm needles for the ruffle.
  This vest reminds me of how baby projects can be so sweet and cute!

Friday, July 23, 2010


I had a knitting marathon yesterday to help me finish the Muir shawl I had been working on for so long. I am happy to finish it before the weekend. The pattern is fun to do, easy and by the second half, I had it memorized. I especially love the picots around the edges. There were a few modifications I did to the pattern. Because the yarn is on the heavier side of lace weight, I used larger sized needles, i.e 4.5 mm then recommended and worked 2 pattern repeats across rather than three.I did 14 repeats instead of 13 to get a longer shawl.

So here it is in the unblocked state, about 24 x 76 inches:
Here it is blocking:
 It turned out to be approximately 31 X 96 inches after blocking. The post blocking glory:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Summer Sewing

I sewed another outfit for my daughter over the weekend. I'm still pretty amazed how smoothly it went. And turned out quite pretty too. The fabric is lawn again. Sorry for the poor picture quality, dying camera batteries and monsoon sky to blame.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Bigger Crochet Project

So I have started a new crochet project and is bigger than the ones I've done for sometime. It will take many days or even a couple of months to get done as I will be working on my other WIPs at the same time. This is going to be a curtain for our little bathroom window.
Can you see the lilac sequins? The curtain will be worked up in panels, each getting joined to the previous on the last row. I think I will need about ten panels to cover the window. I am at the first one right now and even that is not done yet :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Sewing

Summer is the time when I get maximum usage out of my sewing machine. This year too, I sewed quite a few shalwar kameez suits for myself (not interesting enough to blog about). I am happy to note that while nowhere perfect, my sewing skills are surely improving. I also sewed up this dress for my daughter just before paint work started at our house.
The fabric is lawn which is our staple wear during summer, being very light and airy. I am planing on sewing another casual outfit for my daughter, inshaAllah, plus one glittery affair for Eid, inshaAllah.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Project Of A Different Kind

I stopped knitting a few days back. I even stored away my yarn and put away my WIPs.
It is not that I no longer wished to knit, infact I was (and am) quite keen to finish my muir shawl which is stuck at half-done.
But we are in the middle of getting our house repainted and everything is an utter chaos. Also, it is really hard work with all the emptying of closets, moving stuff around etc. And now that the interior portion of the house is done, cleaning part is killing off my time and energy. My domestic help has done the bunk for the whole time, but that is another depressing story.
But the things are lightening up now and we can actually imagine ourselves settling back into are routine in a few days, inshaAllah. For Now, I entertain myself my looking at my fresh and clean craft closet (You can all geuss where the post paint cleaning started, LOL).