Thursday, July 29, 2010

DROPS Baby Dress / Vest

I have been working on a baby vest / dress for my niece.The pattern is a free one from Garnstudios  DROPS design. The yarn I used is Knit Picks Comfy fingering weight (color- jelapeno). It is a lovely yarn, so soft and squishy. The project was great fun once the bottom ruffles were done-I was not exactly thrilled to do 420 sts on 2.5 mm needles for the ruffle.
  This vest reminds me of how baby projects can be so sweet and cute!


  1. as salaamu `alaykum :)

    Ma shaa Allah, you are GOOD!! I love seeing all your finished work - I think all things handmade are lovely. Your niece is blessed!

  2. Walaikom Assalaam, Jazikillah :) Hope you are doing well!

  3. The Drops patterns are very good. Im not very good at knitting (ok in crochet), but coming to your blog inspires me to learn! :-)

  4. Do you have this pattern saved? I couldn't find it in the Drops web anymore... :(

  5. You can find it here now:
    I have updated in the link in the post too.