Tuesday, January 15, 2008

RAOK Rocks!

I feel like Cinderella right now. That is because I have been sent a lovely package consisting of yarn and crochet supplies by my fair godmother through Crochetville's Random Acts of Kindness. All my wishes (in that wishlist) came true.

I have literally been jumping with joy. I had posted that wishlist few months back and thought it unlikely that someone would RAOK me at such a far off overseas place. But thank you Jennifer! you made my day ( read my year). All the things are superb and really what i had always wished for. Crochet supplies are very hard to come by. I love the crochet hook set. I have wanted one for so long. That and the stitch markers and the buttons(so many and so cute!!) and the handles. It's all so great. And the Yarn....I really really love it. I hope to put it to great use, inshallah. She has been so generous and kind. I'm overwhelmed.

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