Friday, April 11, 2008

Ravelry's RAK (Random acts of kindness) group

The RAK group at Ravelry is so great. As with RAKs, everyone posts their wishlists and then tries to fulfill others' those wishes that they can. So you send out stuff randomly and receive things randomly as well.
Things I have received: Over the past two months, I have received many things that I had wished for. First, Serife from UK sent me this lovely skein.

Then I got this yarn winder, some babysoft yarn and great tasting chocolate from zinzia from Belgium.

Then I had some great sock yarn sent by fey from USA.

Then came such a great collection of circular needles and some lovely fancy yarn oddballs from fubsy, UK.

Then only yesterday, I received these lovely beads and buttons from Bloreknitter, India.

Things I have sent:As I have been quite busy these few months, I could not send out as many gifts as I wished. However I did manage a few. Mostly I sent handmade items and postcards. I just sent out a pair of fingerless gloves today. I plan to do a few more RAKs by the end of this month, inshallah.

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