Saturday, April 26, 2008

A simple bread cloth

I was out of town on a trip for last one week and now I am back and free. So I thought a small quick project would help me unwind. Well, I had made a bread cloth about two years back in filet crochet with a shell trim. The Filet pattern was from some free online site though I do not remember the name. I trimmed it with a shell egding. All worked in size 8 crochet. It was quite a handy piece of crochet and was used extensively with the result that it has discolored into this:

I was thinking of replacing it for some time. I had one ball of 4-ply cotton (received in the RAOK), but as I have never used crocheted dishcloths, I thought it would make a nice replacement. so, a quick granny square later, here is the result.

I know, I know, it's too simple and bland, but I am just warming up after a few weeks of no knitting and crochet. Hopefully, I will be making some more interesting pieces in the near future. But for now, simple functionality is my theme.

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