Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spring Bloomers and a Satire

Here are some more spring beauties from our home.

Aren't these lovely. It is so pleasant and enjoyable to see the flowers all around at this time of year. However, here in Islamabad, temperature is climbing fast and already it can be very hot in the afternoons. So the summer is upon us.

Although it is not new to us, Electricity shortage has worsened over the past few months so that we have "load shedding" scheduled for one hour every three hours around the clock. For the lucky those who do not know what load shedding means, it is power outage. So we have an average of six hour without electricity each day.

But we do not worry much about that bcause there are a few more pressing problems. Like the flour crisis. There has also been a subacute shortage of wheat flour over the past few months. It is our staple diet and so the people all over the country are suffering. There is also water shortage. The oil prices are going up and so is inflation. Plus our political uncertainity is at its peak with the elected government backing down from its given mandate.

But the flowers still bloom, stars still shine and for us Pakistanis, it's all in a day's work.

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  1. Do continue to let us know what is happening in your end of the world. We, as americans, need to remember that as bad as things are getting here, they are getting worse elsewhere too. The flowers are a beautiful sign of optimism in times of turmoil.