Sunday, May 11, 2008

My current projects

I seem to have started a number of projects simultaneously with still more ideas swimming around in my head. As a result I have no FO but am rather making slow progress on all. So for a change, I will be showing pictures of WIPs.
The first one is the Sockdown:May Mystery sock of the Sock Knitters Anonymous group at ravelry. I just finished the clue#2 on the first sock. There was another color repeat (off-white) but that would make the sock to long at my gauge so I skipped it. Clue #3 comes out on May 15 ( which will actually be May 16 for me because of the time difference). I may start on the second sock in the meantime.

The second project is a handbag which I started in March. It is all done except for the lining and handles. I am thinking of knitting the handles and I am not yet sure how these will turn out.

Then I started on a stole. This is a first for me and I am not sure if I have enough yarn. I may frog it yet.

Besides these, there are a few lingering projects as well like the Brea bag from last year which only needs finishing up. Also I have to proofread the pattern for the toddler pullover that I knitted
in february before I post it on the blog. So you can see, I have busy times ahead.


  1. I really love the socks! Those are turning out fantastic.

  2. wow your wips look great, can't wait to see them when they are done.