Monday, May 5, 2008

Some Summer Sewing

I have not done much knitting and crocheting over the last week because firstly, I felt the weather was too hot to handle yarn, and secondly, I was caught up in sewing some dresses for my little daughter. Here are the sewing FOs:
This is from a burda magazine. I have made a few of the patterns and I love their ease and fit.

This second on is my first real attempt at smocking. I made up the pattern along the way. I think it is good enough for a first attempt.

I designed this last one myself and tried it on a few scraps of fabric I had lying around. I did a little embroidery on the shorts.

I may sew a few more things over the summer like a pair of short for my ds, a shalwar kameez for myself and new blinds and dishcloths etc for my kitchen.

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