Saturday, December 20, 2008

One reason I love to knit.... the ability to make such a wonderful cardigan.

I really love this pattern and the way mine has turned out. I do not even mind the uneveness of the color across the middle of the body. Besides the early trouble with the ribbing, the pattern was easy and fun to follow. No modications here. I enjoyed knitting the cables. And it fits superbly as well.
I may even want to knit another one in the future, inshaAllah.


  1. It looks great, and the color is very nice! Every time I see a version of this with nicely created tangles, I just get all happy!

  2. Wow, it is beautiful!!!

  3. It looks wonderful. On my list to do, but it's inspiring to see such a nice one.

    Knitting lovely things is a joy!