Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yet Another WIP

I've nothing really interesting to share at this point but I was RAKed the other day and the delicious yarns were too tempting, LOL. So, I have started a summer top for dd. Still at the yoke and worrying if I have enough yarn (one ball of SWTC Bamboo = 250 yards). As I'm trying to work out a design of my own, there has been some ripping involved and the going is slow.


  1. Hey, Madam Talented Needles, will you knit me a khimar???? Ohhh that would be SO SWEET! I'll trade you one of our cows...

  2. I really like the rich vibrant color of the yarn. I've not tried that brand myself and have been itching to do so.

    Good luck on the progress of your top!