Monday, May 18, 2009

A little Summer Top

I finished the summer top for my daughter yesterday and took some pictures of her in the top. Then I though of taking a few shots of the top lying flat. And at that moment, tragedy struck. While arranging the top for the shoot, the camera flew out of my other hand and dropped down onto the concrete floor!! Calming myself with the thought that it had not dropped from a great height, I picked it up and tried to turn it won't work. It made me feel worse than I even care to admit. There are times when I wish I didn't have butterfingers and DH lectured me briefly on being more careful and all, and I do try but it's so hard.
Anyway, I spent a sad night, praying for the camera to work. This morning, it did come to life and I was able to extract the photos from it but when trying to take a picture, it just shut down. Now this also happens when the batteries are exhausted so I'm hoping new batteries will make it work, inshaAllah!

Now coming to the top, I ran out of yarn, in the end and so could not make it longer. Also, had to use contrasting color for the edgings. But, all in all, it turned out quite well. The yarn (SWTC's Bamboo) looks so shiny and lovely and the color is so yummy! I might be writting a pattern soon.

And my dd is just recovering from a fever and is looking a bit off-color.


  1. Very adorable, I love it! The color is fantastic and just screams little girl. I love the contrasting bind off as well.

  2. Lovely top! And nice design too. Looking forward to seeing the pattern. all the best with the camera...hope the change of batteries is all that is need.

  3. I think the top looks perfect at this length and with the contrasting edge! Hope your daughter continues to feel better :)

    Sorry about your camera. I once spilled something on a brand new digital camera - horror!! It became very hard to move the dials but it still takes pictures three years later, so I will be hopeful about yours as well :)

  4. mashaALLAH, another beautiful work!

    take care,
    wa salaam,