Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Working Again!

A quick update. My digital camera which had taken a fall yesterday has come to life again, alhumdollillah (praise be to Allah). So a great burden seems to have been lifted from my shoulders. And of course it also means I can pursue my blogging activities uninterrupted :)


  1. I love these little miracles!

  2. That great.......we all have our own camera and my camera seems to suck the life out of batteries it is so frustrating when I turn the camera to take the perfect picture and the thing won't turn on.

    Well glad your blogging won't be interrupted because I love looking at your beautiful creations.

    I only crochet but I have been so inspired by you and a few other bloggers that I bought knitting needles and when I come back from visiting my family (3weeks) I will begin learning.

  3. That's great news. It happened to me 3 years ago. No idea a camera can be so important to have.
    First, take some picures of the kids, they grow so quickly!