Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Mittens

When I finished my Bronte's Mitts a few days ago, my son was rather taken with them. He took the pair to try on and I let him, thinking he will hand it over in a few minutes. He handed them back all right but those were all wet! It turned out, he was trying to block them, Lol. Well, I managed to dry them but he was still hovering around, so for the sake of my mitts' safety, I asked him if he would like a pair of his own. Affirmative. Now what goes for my son also has to go for his little sister and this brings me to this current FO.

I made these mitts for my daughter. This is a heavily modified version of Mouse Mittens. I left out the tail( lesser yarn for her to put in the mouth). I used yarn scrap for this project and it took one day to knit.
Next I have to make a pair of dinosaur mitts for my son. I will have to come up with a pattern of my own and I am thinking hard :) I have not shown my kids these ratty mitts yet as I want to finish the dino pair first and then give both the kids their mitts at the same time. Some time next week, inshallah!

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  1. How sweet, him trying to block them!!!! I would have attacked him with lots of kisses and huggs! LOLOL! The mittens are adorable!