Friday, November 7, 2008

Garter Stripe Bag

I saw this pattern at ravelry and loved it. It is basically 22 squares in black and white garter stripes arranged and sewn in a particular shape. I used 4.00mm needles and cotton yarn. Although I love how this bag has turned out, but to be honest, it was very boring to knit. It was hard to keep motivated. Perhaps it was the garter st, cotton yarn or all the seaming which made it so hard to knit.

I lined it with a similarly striped fabric. I simply placed the knitted piece over the fabric and cut the fabric along the outline (with some seam allowance).

Then sewed it to match the seaming on the bag. I put in two pockets in coordinating fabrics, one with a zipper. And the bag itself has a magnetic closure.

Only modification I did was to use plastic purse handles rather than knitted straps. Also I crocheted along the top. I simply adore this bag and this will be my new daily use bag, inshaAllah.


  1. I love everything about this bag, but by FAR my favorite thing is the coordinating pockets!

  2. What a neat bag! You did a beautiful job and the lining is really nice.