Thursday, November 27, 2008

First Lessons

Yesterday, while knitting my daughter's bolero, I felt a tug at the yarn. I turned around to this:

It turns out, my daughter had watched me wind (by hand) the yarn earlier that day and was practicing on her own. She did a pretty good job too!
On the other hand, my son's first experiment with yarn goes like this:

He acquired this yarn from my scraps and uses it to pull around his toy car, LOL. Yes another thing that interests him in my craft closet is my retractable tape with which he plays yoyo.


  1. She is so adorable I just want to give her hugs! She is at that stage where depending on the picture she looks sometimes like a baby and sometimes like a little girl.

  2. HOW PRECIOUS!!!!! My Monsterling loves my measuring tapes as well!!!

  3. Hello from ulla in the north of Sweden

    A big smile.So so wonderful with the children who are free from conventions and they try to understand our hobbies and the reality.

    Soon my letter to you comes.
    Have a nice time.

  4. What clever children. I can't keep my children out of my supplies either. They love to treadle my spinning wheel. I keep saying, "Gently! gently!"