Monday, March 23, 2009

Yet Another WIP

With my hands quite full with the coatimundi KAL projects and the March sockdown sock, I still could not resist casting on another project. This is to be a summer dress for my daughter. It is my own design. The yarn (Schoppel-Wolle Turandot, which I recently got in a RAK) is quite dark in color and not many st patterns suited it, so I came up with one of my own :).

I'm sorry for the blurry pic, hopefully I can get some better ones in the morning.
So, obviously, the KAL has been on the back seat for the last couple of days. But that is ok as my friend who was knitting along, also has some other urgent projects and so will be delayed in getting back to her coat and stole. However, I do hope to work on my KAL projects in the tomorrow, inshaAllah.


  1. That is really a great stitch pattern!

  2. You are very good at finding appropriate stitch patterns for children's items! Great job.

  3. Wow! That is really pretty!

    I am so thankful you are letting me take a bit of time off from our KAL. Looks like you won't have trouble filling that time!