Sunday, March 15, 2009

Alpaca Handspun

I finally finished spinning the alpaca fibre that was on my spindle. For the second half of the roving, I tried my new spindle. It was awesome. What a difference a well balance, sturdy spindle makes. I can get thinner, more uniform yarn and faster too! Also, there is less tendency to overspin.

I decided to leave it single ply. So, here it is, approx 345 meters. It felted slightly during the soak, which says something for our weather, I guess, as I was using normal tap water.
After finishing this, I could not stop spinning and and tried some of the new roving that came with the spindle. It drafts and spins so smoothly, it is really fun.


  1. It should felt during a soak, especially if it is a single. It makes it stronger. I often actually attempt to make that happen after a soaking, by whacking it on something until it felts somewhat. Felting it purposely also sets your twist and makes the yarn more even. Felting is a good thing in spinning!

  2. I love the yarn!

  3. Lovely, and alpaca is such fun at all stages. It's really beautiful. Do you have enough to make something nice?