Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Not Worth it

I recently had a bad experience at ravelry, encountring a bit of cheating and nastiness. And I realize there is nothing I can do about it. But, this makes me reluctant to be on ravelry anymore, so I have taken a time off from there. I might just be holding off any more pattern writing for now, though I do have a few designs I wish to try soon, inshaAllah.
Now, to the lighter subjects, I am nearly finished with the seraphina shawl. Hope to finish it and post pictures tomorrow, inshaAllah. Then I will be resuming KAL projects.
Also, to cheer myself up, I changed the blog colors :)


  1. I don't know why people have a need to be so childish and rude on forums like that. I am sorry it happened to you. People need to grow up. I like the new blog colors! And, lots of hugs to you!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear you encountered unpleasantness at Ravelry. It shouldn't happen at all there, but I have seen some unkindness. I'm sorry it happened to you. Your shawl is gorgeous and so is the little dress for your daughter. You do fine work, and your designs are interesting and well thought out. I do hope you'll keep writing here so I can visit and watch what you're working on! samm

  3. Thank you, Riohnna and samm, I really appreciate your support!

  4. I'm sorry for whatever the unpleasantness was. I would be looking forward to more of your designs. Ignore the rude people. There is always an unpleasant minority. Most adults try their best to avoid unkindness. Hugs!

  5. Unfortunately we do at time encounter unkind people in the world. This isn't the first time nor will it be the last. It does hurt your feelings but you need to try and move on quickly and get back to what you love. I don' let other people ruin my day, life is to short to let others get the best of you. I think your creative and very talented; your work is always beautifully done.

    And I like the new look of your blog..a little change can always cheer us up a bit!

    Take care.

  6. Ravelry, Crochet Partners; CGOA; Crocetville well on a whole most of the woman are very kind and giving. There will always be a few control freaks and egotiscal people ..and some of them can be what we call clicky! Umme I love your work.

  7. The new colors are very spring like, I am enjoying them!

    I don't think it at all unusual to feel the need to step back from certain things on the internet. Sometimes you take a break and then want to return, and sometimes you find that you are happier without. Whatever the ultimate decision becomes, I am so glad to call you a friend and have ways to contact you beyond a forum!

  8. Ignore the naughty people! Ravelry is such a great site!

  9. Asalaam-alaikum, I was wondering what happened, when your profile was on zzzzzz. Sorry that you had a bad experience on Ravelry - nice to see you there again. :)
    I do look forward to your blog entries.
    Kind Regards,