Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Coatimundi KAL day 2

This was the day for knitting the stole. I finished the third chart for the first half of the stole. It is my first stole and I am enjoying the experience. It was difficult to take a photo because right now, the edges just keep curling up!

Here is the progress, Shells is making on her sylvi. I love how hers is turning out.


  1. We are neck and neck on that stole, I've got a few rows left on clue 3 and hope to finish it tonight! Looks awesome, just as it should!

  2. You two are very cute with your KAL. You are both doing great (I am your cheering section, I guess).

  3. Wow, you are doing great!

  4. just loved your work, its so beautiful

    Great going !!!