Thursday, March 26, 2009

Because I missed Crochet

I has been a couple of months since my last crochet project (which was the Breath of Spring doily), and I was missing not doing crochet. Then, yesterday, I had a sudden urge to start something in crochet. So, I got out my huge ball of Jo-Ann Sensation Rainbow Boucle and started the Seraphina shawl. It is quite amazing how fast crochet goes, especially with a 6.5mm hook. I did not spend that much time on it, but it has grown a respectable size. And, was my family ever so wowed by the size of that 11 oz ball of yarn! LOL.


  1. I LOVE the color gradation, sensational!

  2. Yes me too ..I love the color!

    You do such nice work...I hope I can crochet and knit as nice as you someday.

  3. Oh the yarc colors are amazing!