Monday, August 4, 2008

Ravelympics Warm Up

With 3 days to go before the start of Ravelympics, I am starting my training. I had decided to take pat in two events, Baby Dressage and WIP Wrestling. Now I am also part of a team, thanks to my Ravelry friend Shells, who invited me to be part of her Team Sporum.

As for WIP Wrestling, I will try to finish my Lilac lace cardigan.
For baby dressage, I have decided to work on four projects. Three of these are to be for cousins' soon expected son. I have decide to knit Sheep Yoke Cardigan as well as a Jumpsuit and a hat. I have made my things ready for the cardigan. I did a swatch as well. I am aiming for a slightly larger size than the pattern.
I have yet to decide on patterns for jumpsuit and hat.
The fourth project to be (inshallah) is Baby surprise Jacket for my daughter. I did a swatch for that too, however I am a little nervous about this one because the original pattern is for much smaller size. Also I have read mixed reviews about the pattern. Also from what I understand, it's difficult to determine what is going on till the sweate is all done, so there can be no instant frogging back.
None of these on its own, is a big project but it sure will be a challenge to finish then all within 17 days.
On the fitness front, I strained some neck muscle yesterday and also have a bruised right elbow, (such a great athlete that I am, I strained the muscle during sleep and banged my elbow on a metal door, LOL). But hopefully all will be well in a few days, inshallah, in time for the ravelymics. Can't wait!

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  1. Thank you for joining us!

    I am looking forward to your Baby Surprise Jacket experience, as I'd like to do that one for Bug too, but haven't managed to figure out how to modify it appropriately. I'll be eager to monitor your progress!

    How is the neck and elbow?