Saturday, August 30, 2008

Final Round

This past week has been quite hectic with my son starting new school and an unusual spur of social activity in the family. As a result, I am still wrestling with the lace cardigan. However the good news is that I have started the second sleeve. I was a little nervous about the armhole and sleeve shaping, but I tried on the first sleeve and the fit is good. Also I did the front band and sewed on the buttons, so the second sleeve is the last bit. I have also written the pattern, which I will post with the FO photos in the coming week, inshaAllah.
In the meantime, I could not resist casting on a simple pair os socks for my son, my first toe-up:


  1. What a beautiful pattern the yarn has.Happy little boy.
    Have a nice time.

  2. Lovely yarn ! And I'm looking forward to seeing your lacy cardigan. Please check out my blog - there is an award waiting for you.