Friday, August 15, 2008

Having Second Thoughts

Well, I did take things slow a bit today but decided to give BSJ a second shot. It's more than half done, but I have a problem.
The baby for which I am making this and two more of my ravelympics projects,I attended his aqeeqah today. This made me have second thoughts. Don't ask! I don't think gifting my cousins handmade knitted stuff is such a great idea. I will complete the Baby surprise Jacket but I don't feel like knitting for the gift anymore. But that means dropping two projects. Maybe I should make some things for my daughter instead.... I just don't know. I am feeling so low right now, it's nearly 2 a.m and I am sleepless.


  1. Oh no!

    Even though you feel low now, you would feel even lower if the mother of the recipient did not appreciate the gift. That has happened to me before. Even though she ooed and ahhhed over the entire blanket I knit for her daughter, I am sure she never used it. And I feel angry that I worked so hard on it when she would have more appreciated something else.

    Do you like the BSJ as a knit though? If you do, then it might be worth continuing for a more worthy recipient or for modification to fit your daughter.

    Get some rest! It will feel better in the morning (hopefully).

  2. Oh, argh. Why can't people value things properly? Don't let it get you down!