Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Computer Tragedy

For more than a week, I had been experiencing difficulty with internet . The dial-up would disconnect or be too slow. Finally, early Tuesday morning, it finally gave up. I was able to connect but no pages would open. To say the least, it was such a shock.
We tried all possible solutions.... checked the phone line, changed the phone cable, checked the browser settings, to no avail. Finally, my husband tried to tweak our computer and that's when further disaster occured, it nearly broke down and we lost a major chunk of our files in the resusitation efforts that followed. That meant losing all my stored patterns, collected from all over. Thankfully, we were able to save our family photos.
Finally, a faulty modem turned out to be the cause and now that it is replaced, I am back. My Husband assures me that he had to work fast because I was starting to look like a depressed zombie.
Moral of the story:
1. "Backup" is the golden word in computer lingo, never to be skimmed over or taken lightly.sob!
2. Internet is addictive with severe withdrawal symptoms.


  1. Get a DSL connection for your internet needs, and start reading :)

  2. I am so sorry about your computer mishap, and especially about the lost files! I am a freelance writer and photographer, and I once lost my entire hard-drive with past and present work. Gone. You are SO right about backing everything up! I learned the hard way...

  3. Well, if you've been around working with computers for a while, you'd realize the importance of a backup and why it cannot be overemphasized. Anyway, good to hear you didn't lose all your data but it should set you up for the future alright.