Friday, July 18, 2008

Some Baby Stuff

Over the last three days, I switched over to finishing some gift items. One of these is this set of newborn cap and booties. It is for Holidays in July at Crochetville.

The cap pattern is Angel Lace baby cap. This is the second time I knit this pattern. The first one was for my son about five years ago. It was his most adorable caps and I have loved the pattern since.
The booties are Saartjee booties. These remind me of the booties I learnt from my aunt when I was a teen. Those were very similar to the Saartje pattern except for a single strap ( i.e mary jane style.) I used a larger needle size than the one in pattern but still the booties seem to be on the smaller side.


  1. Lovely booties you have made and the little hat -everything in a lovely pink colours.Just now I have no small children in the neighbourhood.

    Have a nice weekend

  2. Very pretty set. I've made those booties too. Mine turned out very small - almost preemie size. Is that hat your own pattern ? Is it easy to make?

  3. That's a lovely cap pattern. Let me see. . . nope, no babies in my future that I know of. Whew. I like the booties also.