Thursday, July 31, 2008

Endless Night

It's 3:30 am and I am still up. We had a rather distressing power failure at 11.45 pm. It was not part of the six hours daily "load shedding". It has been a very hot and humid week so far and our street's power grid suffered an overload, probably due to too many airconditioners at work. Well it was sooo hot and humid without the AC, though we did have our fan going thanks to our invertor (UPS).(We had the invertor installed at some expense, last month, because of the load shedding).
So with our clothes sticking to our backs, we tried to put our kids to sleep. Our son was very tired and soon fell asleep but dd was very restless. I dozed off a couple of time but she kept waking me up. Finally it became unbearable after one hour and we decided to move downstairs as it is usually a little less hot on the ground floor. So we carried the pillows and kids downstairs and tried to settle down.
But almost immediately, the invertor's battery died down on us and we were left without even a fan. By then, it was already 2:00 am and dd finally fell asleep. We used newspapers to fan the kids. We could hear folks in the neighborhood having similarly tough time. Finally by 2:20 am, ten minutes after my angry call to the complaint centre ( the first three calls were quite civilized), we finally had the power restored.
So it was back upstairs again. After settling down the kids and having the shower, here I am, wide awake. It's nearly four in the morning and it will be time for Fajr (morning) prayer by 4:30 so I will be going to bed in one hour.
I feel so much like having an angry rant about all this and more but a little voice at the back of my head tells me that it might not be wise in today's world, especially since my thoughts are qiute militant at the moment ;)
On a lighter note, I am working alternately on the two cardigans that I mentioned in earlier posts. The first one is for my son. It only has the sleeves remaining to be knit. The second one is the Lilac Lace cardigan for myself. I frogged quite a bit of the back yesterday as I was getting off-guage. It may take a while to post the FOs. Bravo to me for knitting not one but two DK wearables in this heat! My husband has gone as far as to threaten to make all my yarn disappear if I do not cut down on my knitting time.

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  1. I hope that you made it quite clear that the knitting just might be all that is keeping you sane right now!

    I am sorry to hear of your rough night, it is stressful when you are already hot and miserable and you know the kids are too but they just get whiny and more difficult, compounding your own frustrations. I'd be wide awake after a shower too. I do hope the children let you sleep some and that you are able to achieve decent rest this morning.

    And...yes...good on you for not putting those words in an unwise place. I crave to have you write more about such things at times, but understand why you might not be inclined to do so right now.