Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Pinwheel Sweater

The pinwheel sweater for my daughter is finally done. And even if I say it myself, it looks gorgeous. I enjoyed knitting it although the last rounds on the pinwheel were a little tedious. I did the i-cord edging in two colors like in the adult version. The main yarn is Bally ( a local pakistani acrylic dk yarn) and the contrasting one is local boucle-like yarn. The needle sizes I used were 5.00mm and 4.50mm.

It was hard to get my daughter to agree to the photo shoot in this heat, but I did manage to get a picture. It is still a little large for her. But she is still only 23 months old and the sweater is supposed to fit sizes upto 4 year. Hopefully, she will better fit into it by winter and be able to wear it for a couple of years more, inshallah.


  1. I absolutely love this sweater! I think the boucle gives it some added texture which looks fantastic. And it does look like you can make it fit her for awhile, which is such a bonus.

  2. So cute! The sweater looks great!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! You did such a nice job. The colors are pretty and I like the two color border. I am sure she will love wearing it when the weather is cooler.

  4. One of the things I most love is putting a too-big sweater on a little one and rolling the cuffs up. The next year, maybe a little less blanket-like, then there's the perfect fit year. . . then it's on to the next one.

    I hope you have a few years of enjoying this pretty sweater.

  5. Very nice!

    I've made a pinwheel blanket before.