Thursday, April 30, 2009

Scheherazade's Slippers

I have barely managed to meet the deadline on the March Sockdown at SKA (ravelry) and just now finished my second sock. It should have been a breeze to finish the pair in the allotted two months but I procrastinated and did not start the second sock till four days were left. So, after this knitting spurt, here is the FO. It did not make it before sunset, so I had to take indoor pictures.

Here is a side view of the first sock taken earlier.
The pattern is Scheherazade's slippers ( ravelry link), yarn Lana Grossa Meilenweit 50 Cotton and 2.5mm needles. Did I mention it before?_ I really love this pattern though it is not in proper pattern format and there are a few errors in the charts but still, it is gorgeous!


  1. It is a very pretty pattern, you have more courage than I to take on a pattern with a few known mistakes. Nice save too!

  2. Very nice. You're so talented, masha'Allah.

  3. Oh I like the pattern :)
    I never could figure out how to knit socks, so I crochet them.