Monday, April 27, 2009

Floral Cushion

I had started this cushion many many years ago but never got around to sewing it up together.The pattern is from an old burda crochet magazine.
I got it out today and spent the morning in assembling it up. It is destined for our car and matches its new upholstery.


  1. That looks so comfy!
    I have back trouble and always have an assortment of cushions in the car, and it always looks a mess. Never thought of making covers to match the upholstery, but now it seems so obvious! What a good idea.

    Mine won't be as pretty as yours, though :) Your work is always lovely!

  2. Aslamu alakum
    mashaAllah you are very talented i love your work well done , amy Allah protect you ameen. I have some WIP that i started months ago and feel gult for not having finished but you finishing many years latter gives me hope! Thank you for sharring!

  3. I love your stuff!! I am a beginning crocheter, but I can't stop--so many wonderful patterns!