Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Demise Of A WIP

NOTE: This post is not so serious or tragic as the name might imply.

How many times does it happen that in our dreams we get an idea, which seems like such a brilliant one, solution to all the evils facing us, nothing short of a Nobel prize-worthy discovery. Then we wake up and find it was all mumbo-jumbo or something really silly at best.
I think the same phenomenon occurred to me last night. However, I was not sleeping. Rather, I was trying to come up with a brilliant design in the wee hours of the night.
I had a skein of Noro Kureyon and I thought I could come up with a pair of good fingerless gloves. So, I gave it some thought and started knitting. It seemed so awesome at the time and I could not go to sleep until I had finished the first glove. So, I did just that, and it still looked very well, though my vision was a bit blurry by then as it was already Fijr (Time before dawn). That is when I hit the bed after saying my prayers.
Now, when I woke up a little later in the morning and showed it to the husband, he immediately squashed my enthusiasm, saying it was quite horrendous and came close to my second worst knitting disaster after the kitchen set I had knit a while back. ( My husband hates that dishcloth and we have already thrown out the scrubbie-required a lot of elbow grease).
Further explanation from him added insult to injury when he said he liked the yarn but the pattern was all wrong. He further suggested I knit "some bag" with it.
So discouraged, I frogged the glove and have started a bag already. But, I did take a picture before frogging. Maybe, some day, I will look back and agree that it is horrible..


  1. I think this looks quite lovely! "Eye of the beholder" I suppose.


  2. I actually rather like the glove! And my you are a quick knitter!

  3. Oh, poor you! It's a little busy, I guess, but not the ugliest thing I ever saw! I did enjoy the comment about making "some bag" out of it. Pretty funny guy!

  4. as salaamu `alaykum :)

    Urm... I actually like it :) Call it the hippie in me... I am trying out crochet soon. Can I trouble you for some tips via email sometime? I am in F8/4 btw :)

  5. @ Iman...Walaikom Assalaam. Wow, you are so close by! Sure, I will help in anyway I can. Just comment with your email address, I won't publish it and get back to you through email.

  6. Well, I love the stack of patterns, but I'm not sure of it as a glove. For me, I think it's the color and maybe the repeats. Or not.

    I cannot believe you have the energy to stay up all night and knit. I'd be drooling all over myself -- last night I staggered to bed before 10 and was unconscious very quickly.

  7. I would gladly wear that glove. :) It's interesting! I like Noro yarns too. samm

  8. Well, I like it! Maybe it is the bulkiness that he didn't appreciate?