Saturday, January 17, 2009

Central Park Hoodie Sans The Hood

After a brief interruption caused by a quite painful and febrile tonsillitis, I finally managed to finish my central park hoodie. However, I did not knit the hood. Instead I picked the same number of sts across the front for the neckband, as recommended for the hoodie but decreased 8 sts across the back. The rest of the cardigan fairly conforms to the original pattern. The yarn was the finest acrylic available here in Pakistan but had no label.

I still have two more WIPs to finish plus I want to start sylvi as well as a pair of socks this month, inshaAllah. Then I'll muster up the courage to take up a lace project. Oh, and I'm also considering some felting and steeking on the side. Last but not the least, I have spun 1/4 of the roving that I got from my friend, I hope to spin more of it soon.


  1. Wonderful cables I really long to use on mittens.
    I really love the yarn you have got,both the colours and the qualities.I wish you good luck with all thew new knitting items you are going to do.


  2. Beautiful sweater!!!!

  3. Salaam! Lovely sweater, I've always wanted to make this one.

  4. Oh, I love how you did this without the hood. It makes for a very nice cardigan.

  5. you should put up the optimized version on ravelry for people who cannot to it themselves/ dont know how to. i love this myself. looks great.