Saturday, July 9, 2011

Of Baby, Sleep Deprivation and Knitting Lessons

They say, "A woman's work is never done". That has to be especially true when that woman has a newborn baby, one who wants to be entertained all the time she is up and refuses to sleep anywhere except in her mother's arms. That baby is our Ms Cuddles and I being that proverbial woman, find it extremely difficult to start my daily work around the house, let alone complete it. Add to this baby busyness, two older kids currently having their summer vacation, who need to be fed, clothed and supervised with their homework, and the most mundane household tasks like cooking and cleaning feel like ill-afforded luxuries. And then the baby gets her vaccination and develops fever and colic as side-effects. That meant little sleep for us during the next few nights. The week passed in a drowsy blur. Alhamdolillah, Ms cuddles has got better now. She is almost two months old now and starting to coo and smile back, mashaAllah.

Needless to say, there has been little time for knitting. However, in my foolhardy way, I offered the older children some knitting lessons. They must have been bored out of their wits, because they jumped at the chance and we have had a couple of introductory lessons. They have learned knit st so far and even managed a few rows.
I am so proud. My son continues despite his father's teasing and my daughter has been impressive. She shows skill equal to her older brother and better attention span. They are eager for more lessons but I have been fending them off for now. And interestingly, the first project they both want to do when they are able to knit is socks!


  1. MashAllah, your little one is so cute, I just want to pinch the adorable baby cheeks!

    It is so cool that your son and daughter are interested in learning to knit. MashAllah, it looks like they have made a good start already.

  2. MashaALLAH - how beautiful she´s smiling!
    Very good knitting of your bigger ones - hope I´ll see the socks one day!

    And for you: Bon courage - may Allah always help you and make things easier.

    Wa salam alaikum, nima noema

  3. All it takes is a couple of nights without rest to remind us how necessary it is for everything else, large and small! I hope your beautiful new girl will continue to thrive, and things will become easier soon. And congratulations to the two students of your new knitting school...and congratulations to you for managing to teach as well as everything else you do!

  4. She is so BIG! You are obviously doing a wonderful job even if it is taking it all out of you!

  5. What a beautiful baby! And what lovely memories you brought me, remembering teaching both my boys to knit. I look forward to watching her grow, along with your other two!

    (Sorry I have been absent from the comments--I have been checking in from time to time, though!)