Friday, July 29, 2011

Basic Ribbed Socks

For once, I feel a little sad on completing a project. These socks were so much fun to knit. So relaxing to sit down and knit a few rows in an otherwise hectic routine. The regular color change also add to the fun.
I had knit this pattern earlier _ Sassy Stripes Socks. This pair is for my husband. The yarn is Aktiv Effekt
Steinbach Wolle.

Now, I have resumed knitting the Rose Trellis Shawl I had started last year. It's about time too. No new project for now, Ramadan begins in a few days and I do not plan to knit much during the month.


  1. I love striping sock yarn. It seems like they knit up faster too, because I can't wait to see the color changes so I don't want to put them down!