Saturday, November 27, 2010


When this pattern came out in Knitty last year, I knew it was just perfect for my dinosaur-crazy son. Even though he has somewhat grown out of his obsession with dinosaur, he was still deeply interested when I decided to knit it recently. He has been deeply involved in the color choices. And he was so keenly watching its progress, I decided to work solely on this sweater in order to finish it fast. Besides the his obvious favorite in spines, he is thrilled with the hood as well. And you know what would have completed the awesomeness....a tail! LOL. 
   As for the actual knitting, it was a quick, easy knit. No special modifications except adding a few inches to the body and sleeve lengths. The yarn is good, sturdy Pakistani acrylic frogged from an pre-blogging era sweater for my husband, which ended up being too small.

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  1. What a fantastic hoodie. I am sure my son would have loved one of those too when he was younger!