Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Baby Set

I knit this set of a baby sweater and hat for my cleaning lady's granddaughter. The hat pattern is Aviatrix Baby Hat. It is an excellent pattern, very quick to knit up and the short rows keep it interesting. The sweater pattern is Baby Boy 5 hour Sweater. I chose it because the purl ridges on the yoke went well with the ridges on the hat. To make them baby girlish, I embroidered some pink flowers (lazy daisy and french knot). It best thing about baby stuff is that these are so quick to make and so very cute.


  1. as salaamu `alaykum...

    Oh my! Oh my! You have outdone yourself. This is so precious ma shaa Allah :) How are you? Are you free in the week after `Eid to meet me and another friend?

    - Shirin

  2. So pretty! Makes me wish I had a baby to knit for.

  3. 2 very good patterns.Cute and very comfortable.What a great knitting you have done.

  4. Walaikom Assalaam Quidam,
    Jazakillah for your comment. i have just sent you an email.