Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wavy Feathers Wimple

It took me more time than expected to finish this wimple. I knitted it according to the directions, then added half a stitch pattern more for good measure and soaked and blocked it and even got my daughter to model it.

But when I tried it on myself, I found it too short for my liking and too loose around the face. So I took another day, ripped back the garter edging at the top and added another pattern repeat. So in the end, it is 1.5 pattern repeats longer than the recommended length. Also, this time I made the cast-off less loose for a snugger fit around the face. My cast-on was very very loose and blocked into a scalloped edge to my delight.

All in all, I love Wavy Feathers Wimple pattern. The yarn is Mitai, 2- ply, fingering weight, handpainted 55% silk/ 45% cashmere yarn by Moxie Yarns which I won in one of her blog giveaways. It is wonderful to knit with and wear. I still have half of it left and I am considering making a pair of fingerless gloves with it. But that and the rest will have to wait as both the kids have caught some sort of respiratory tract infection right now.


  1. It looks great! I am glad you revised until you were satisfied. One thing I love about blocking lace is that you can block it to your specifications, wide at the bottom and narrower at the top if necessary. I hope the kids feel better soon!

  2. It's beautiful! You are so talented with your knitting needles. Hopefully the kids will feel better soon!