Monday, December 14, 2009

School Hat

With two sick kids on my hands, I needed a simple small project to work on. A school hat for my son was the perfect project for the occasion. It took only two days to knit and my son has a new hat to replace his old misplaced one, once he starts going back to school, inshaAllah.

The pattern was straightforward. As mine was intended for a six year old, I cast on only 100 sts and adjusted the decreases at the top accordingly. Also, I used ssk decrease instead of the prescribed kks. I love how the decreases line up on the top of the hat. Also, it has room for adapt to a growing head.

As for the kids, they are doing much better now, alhamdolillah. Their fever is down and cough much improved.


  1. I'm so glad to hear the kids are better, it's always so awful for them to be sick in bed, bored and misserable.

    The hat is just lovely!

    Take good care of yourself

  2. I am glad the kids are feeling better. And that hat should definitely do the trick!