Thursday, December 31, 2009

Aquaphobia Socks

It was a close run, with my finishing these socks 3.5 hours before the deadline ( midnight December 31st). I had started these about one and a half months ago but did not cast on the second socks until 3 days ago. So it was really stressful in the end. And for once I struggled with kitchener st, which I always believe to be a piece of cake. Once, I had it fixed, I tried on the sock to find it was too long in the foot. So, I had to frog and redo the toes. If it is any consolation, I got the Kitchener right this time.

Despite this race against time, it has turned out a really nice pair. And I am happy working with the deadline if it means a finished pair. As for the pattern, it is Aquaphobia socks and the yarn is Soft Sock Yarn by Sunshine yarns, which I got from my friend Shells.
And I guess this is my last finished project for the year :)


  1. And you end on a lovely colorful note! Better than my ending of mismatched yarn. :) The new year will bring us lots of fun new knitting.

  2. Wow, I love the way that colorway pools and jumps around. Those are very happy socks. I wish I had more yarn that did that kind of patterning--what other people hate, I LOVE. Guess I better find a source for that yarn or ask Shells where it came from!

  3. I just did the same thing with a pair of socks...made one a half-inch longer than the other, and didn't notice til I had kitchenered both toes!

    All the best to you and your family in 2010 :)

  4. Happy New Year Mariya Hope 2010 is a happy healthy & especially peaceful year for you,your family. & your country....please dont worry I dont have a headache as I dont drink alcohol that part was for all the people who celebrated a bit too much!! I finished my first crochet project that wasnt hexagons yesterday I made a neck warmer I was so pleased it only took me 90 mins & was very easy I will send it to Whitney as as its 100 here at the moment will post a pic on my blog probably tomorrow...plans for Wales are still going strong just saving hard now..