Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cotton Pullover

After a few days of post-holiday fatigue, I resumed work on the cotton pullover that I was knitting for my son. Finally finished it today. As the body and sleeves were knit in rounds, there were only raglan seams to sew but quite a few ends to weave in and then of course the pocket seam and band. This project used up less than two balls each of Cotton Ease Violet and Lime and I used 4 mm and 5mm needles.

I am pleased to see that it fits rather well and my son also seems to like it. His indifference turned to warmth and eagerness when I reminded him of his favorite cartoon hero who wears somewhat similar looking jacket :D


  1. The sweater is absolutely darling, are you going to be offering it up as a design? And he....well he looks too grown up.

  2. Nice work, look great on your son and I love the color choices.

  3. Very nice sweater, looks great on your son!