Friday, July 10, 2009

Toothache and Gail Update 2

I am still here, working faithfully on my WIPs and adhering to my resolution of not casting on any new projects until I get two of the current ones finished. The going has been quite slow these past few weeks due to, besides other things, a toothache! The whole saga is quite painful and morbid, suffice it to say that I had a borderline cavity which had one failed filling and the second one pushed it over to the deep end, so that I am undergoing root canal treatment now. The number of painkillers I have popped in during the last few weeks has to be more than the total painkiller intake during my life (including the ones after the caesarian sections). Anyway, now the ordeal in almost over and I am not having anymore pain, alhamdoLILLAH!
Coming back to my knitting, I have worked most on the gail shawl. Right now I am working the sixth pattern repeat and though the pattern calls for seven repeat, I might continue until I run out of yarn, as I want a big shawl.

It does not look more than a big multicolored blob but stay tuned for the final post blocking metamorphosis sometime next week, inshaAllah!


  1. Absolutely go until you run out of yarn! There is nothing more wonderful than a shawl that actually COVERS! It is looking great, the yarn and pattern combo are a lot of fun!

  2. So glad you are feeling better! With toothache, the world seems reduced to a nugget of pain.

    Looking forward to the transformation of the shawl :)

  3. love the pink! Sorry to hear about your toothache ordeal......oh I went through that just a couple of months ago and my tooth was to far gone and had to have it was a far back molar but I still am going to have an implant that will cost about $2000!

    My tooth got that way not due to filling or tooth decay it was due to a sinus infection.
    Glad your feeling better.

  4. Yes, tooth pain really makes you miserable. I love that pattern and know it will be lovely when it's done. Are you going to post the final product on the Ravelry group for the designer? It's the same as my Dianna shawl, right?

  5. Thanks everyone.
    @Suna, yes both gail and diana are by the same designer and I do hope to post it on the ravelry group. :)

  6. Looks like it is going to be very pretty when finished.
    Sorry about your tooth, I don't think there is too much that is more miserable.