Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Littlest Pest

Whenever I get my craft things out, my dd is attracted to them like a bee to flowers. But she now knows from experience that she will not be allowed to play with them, so she has perfected a stealth mode.

The other day, I was sewing some stuff. My sewing box and its contents were besides me on my work table. The little darling was going round the table, apparently busy playing with herself. So I thought, but she ever so slowly, zeroed in on the work table and took away my pincushion, successfully avoiding detection. To be more sure of not being caught, she crept into her toys' cupboard, camoflauging herself among the toys. Here I found her a few minutes later:


  1. Well, he is actually a she. She got her head shaved last week(which is the norm for toddlers in our part of the world) because of the hot weather and as it is supposed to improve hair growth.

  2. I happen to have one of those....and I am starting to suspect she won't grow out of it any time soon.

    She loves to cut yarn, which makes me very nervous. But she does leave my yarn alone and cuts just the scraps I give her.

    And tape measures are never safe. She finds them, makes off with them, and hides them. I'll buy another and the same thing will happen. Eventually I'll do a major clean up and find them all. I get very pleased until they start disappearing again.

    Alternately, I really like this idea of shaving her head during the hot part of the year. My daughter seems to have very thin hair, it always has been. I wonder if it would help. Until what age is this done? (also I think it makes her eyes look just lovely!)

  3. You can have the head shaved at any age, however younger the better.

  4. I suspect I may have run out of time then, as she is now almost 4. I'll keep it in mind, I do think it would have helped. (She was nearly bald until 2 yrs and it still grew in thin after that.)