Wednesday, June 25, 2008

May Mystery Socks

As I posted last month, I had started these last month as part of Sockdown May at SKA group at ravelry. I had to frog them twice, first time due to guage problems and the secound time due to some tricky part in the pattern. As a result, it got a bit boring and that's why it took so long. I did the alternative chart (shorter) for the cuff but made it multicolored instead of monchrome.

I ran out of lighter green in the final chart of second sock, so I had to substitute with another yarn. You can see the different yarn in the picture. These socks turned out quite good in the end. And along the way, I tried my hand at magic loop a.k.a. one sock on one circular needle and loved it. No more DPNs for sock knitting for me!
I plan to give them to my mom who has refused to try them on for now (too hot).


  1. Very pretty! I am always afraid of colorwork socks for that gauge issue. And learning to move away from DPN's is a wonderful advancement don't you think? I am doing 2 circs with socks, and it makes knitting go so much faster. I would think that magic loop would do the same.

  2. Lovely socks. As always, you do beautiful work.I enjoyed looking at your recent projects. Again, lovely stuff.Sorry to hear about the paypal problems you had.It's difficult here too .
    With Ravelry banned by the UAE government ( don't ask me why - I only hope they come to their senses soon) I have a whole load of patterns missing and lost! I have loads of WIP which were from my Ravelry files!